Return, exchange and conditions for renting products:

The first and last goal of "Final" is to achieve the best in order to achieve the satisfaction of our valued customers, so we followed an easy policy in the process of returning and replacing new products and used equipment, and we only own high-quality items and original international brands registered with the Ministry of Commerce. In the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which were all subjected to examination and scrutiny in order to reach the comprehensive quality.

The exchange and return policy at our store depends on the following conditions:

The customer must submit a return request within 3 working days only from the date of receiving the product, under the condition of non-use and the concern for the quality and technical integrity of the product from any defect resulting from misuse.

We refund all products that do not fit the description or are defective / damaged upon arrival, and all items that were not delivered within "3 working days" within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. "14 business days" outside Saudi Arabia from the date of shipment are automatically eligible for a refund. Please take into consideration that due to the current emerging conditions due to the Coronavirus "Covid-19", the arrival of the product may be slightly delayed in your area.

The entire invoice amount will be credited as a balance with us in the client's wallet, which he can use in any other purchase order.

In the event that the customer does not want to use the balance for another purchase, our team will contact us in order to follow up with him to recover the value of the amount and transfer it to your bank account or credit card, bearing in mind that the customer will be charged the shipping costs and bank transfer fees according to the policy of the banks in his region, whether In the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia or outside Saudi Arabia.

Non-defective items are returned within "10 business days" maximum from the date of purchase with original receipt, blank warranty card, new condition and original box.

Return and exchange

Depending on the severity of the issue, our team will investigate the issue and offer you several options from the following refund options: